Ben Callahan

Benjamin Callahan | Assistant Professor
Ben is an Assistant Professor of Microbiomes and Complex Microbial Communities in the Population Health and Pathobiology department, and is also affiliated with the Bioinformatics Research Center.

CV | Google Scholar | Phone: +1 (919) 515-8536




Michael McLaren


Michael McLaren | Postdoc
Michael received a BA in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in Biology from Stanford University before joining the Callahan lab in 2017. During his PhD Michael studied adaptation in the presence of spatial structure, such as in populations of host-associated microbes. Michael is now working on developing calibration methods that can make microbiome measurements quantitatively comparable across labs.



Naga Betrapally | Postdoc
Naga received a PhD in Bioinformatics from George Mason University before joining the Callahan lab in 2017. Naga is working on improving the accuracy of high-resolution amplicon bioinformatics methods, specifically when applied to gene regions of highly variable length such as the ITS region in fungi.






Hanna Berman | PhD Student
Hanna received a BS in Biology and Psychology from The College of New Jersey, where she studied behavioral economics of drug abuse. Before joining the lab in 2018, Hanna worked as a research technician and lab manager at the Taub Institute for Alzheimer’s Disease of Columbia University, and then in biotech at MeiraGTx, developing novel gene therapeutics. Hanna is now using genomics and bioinformatics methods to study pathogenic outcomes related to the human vaginal microbiome.